Bulk™ x Millions is here

The collaboration you didn’t know you needed has just landed. We’ve teamed up with Millions to take you back in time with flavours inspired by their range of childhood classic sweets. There’s no time like the present to smash your fitness goals with the products you know, in the flavours you love.

Millions are the tiny, tasty, chewy treats you might recognise from your childhood or the corner shop down the road. These micro, more-ish chews are available in a rainbow of colours and flavours. We’ve blended our hero products with the delicious flavours of Millions to bring you a limited edition collaboration you won’t want to miss. With 3 different products in up to 4 different flavours, there’s something for everyone and Millions of reasons to love these big new flavours. Get ready for a workout like never before, one delicious sip at a time.

So… let’s jump in.

Clear Whey

Bursting on the scene and bursting with flavour. A game changer for anyone that doesn’t like the creamy texture of a classic protein shake or who wants to mix it up. Our Clear Whey Isolate is an undeniably refreshing, low sugar and high protein drink.

Introduced to Bulk™ earlier this year, our Clear Whey Isolate has quickly become a firm favourite amongst our customers ever since. We really couldn’t resist bringing you this product in 4 brand new Millions flavours. Each serving of this juicy goodness contains an impressive 20g of protein and less than 100 calories. The squash-like taste and texture of this product is a game changer in helping you towards your fitness and nutrition goals.

The big question though.. Which flavour will you go for? Millions most popular flavour and as sweet as candy Strawberry? Maybe the powerfully flavourful and juicy Bubblegum? The delicious and classic Cola? Or maybe the tangy but sweet Apple flavour will tickle your fancy? Whether you go for 1 or all of them, you sure are in for a treat.


A known and loved sports nutrition classic, get a healthy hit of the 3 BCAAs; leucine, isoleucine and valine to fuel your workouts. Our BCAAs are instantised, meaning easy mixing and no lumps. You’ll get the best drinking experience and flavours that are as juicy as they come.

BCAAs account for up to 33% of muscle tissue so honestly, absolutely anyone can benefit from them. Whether you’re looking to maximise your potential in the gym or find tasty products to fit in with your calorie deficit, BCAAs should be everyone’s best friend. Our BCAAs are dosed in a 2:1:1 ratio and can be used pre-, intra- or post-workout or even just sipped on throughout the day. They’re vegan friendly and absolutely delicious, will you opt for the perfectly pink Strawberry or the brilliantly blue Bubblegum flavour? We’ll be taking one of each please and thank you!


Mix, sip, power up. Boost your workout and push to your limits with pre-workout that is exploding with flavour. Our supercharged formula contains a whopping 3g of Beta Alanine, 2g of AAKG, 2g of Citrulline Malate, 1g of Taurine, 400mg of Tyrosine and 200mg of Caffeine. Whether you know the role of each ingredient or that sounded like a load of gibberish, you are going to feel the effects of this pre-workout. Get ready to feel pumped up and focussed like never before, that gym session doesn’t know what’s coming…

With each ingredient being optimally dosed and the unique combination we’ve come up with, you get the best potential all in one supplement. Did we mention it also has added vitamin B6 which can contribute to reducing fatigue and tiredness? High stimulation but low in sugar, do we really need to say anymore about why this is a workout essential?

This tangy taste sensation is going to rev up your workout like never before. It’s vegan friendly and available in Strawberry and Bubblegum flavours.

Collaboration Bundles

As if we haven’t already hit the ball out of the park with all these amazing products in all these delicious Millions flavours, we’ve only gone and one upped ourselves even more. Introducing Bulk™ x Millions Collaboration Bundles! Get the whole experience with our bundles in Strawberry or Bubblegum flavour. Each set contains either a Strawberry Clear Whey and Pre-workout, or a Bubblegum Clear Whey and Pre-workout. The most exciting bit? This is the only way to get the exclusive collaboration stainless steel shaker! This is the perfect gift for any gym lovers in your life or even as a gift to yourself, we all deserve to be treated every now and again and with this bundle there is no guilt involved, just levelled up gains and workouts. You can thank us later.

We hope you’re as excited to get your hands on the brand new and exciting limited edition products as we are. The delicious, nostalgic flavours from your childhood in synergy with the supplements you know and love is an unbeatable combination, whether you are team Strawberry or team Bubblegum, everyone is a guaranteed winner.

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