Glucomannan (Konjac)

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One of our latest products online is Glucomannan, a fibre derived from the Konjac plant. We are selling it in powder form primarily to take for weight loss, although links to the maintenance of cholesterol and gut health have also been well documented.


Glucomannan is a water soluble dietary fibre derived from the rhizomes of the Amorphophalli Konjac plant native to South-East Asia. The fibre is extracted from the plant via an extraction method, removing all traces of enzymes and impurities whilst preserving all the fibre content; ensuring the fibre doe not break down when it passes through the body. Glucomannan can be bought in various forms, such as powder, tablets and Shirataki noodles. These are thin, translucent, chewy and rather bland ‘miracle noodles.’


Once consumed, Glucomannan powder will travel to your stomach with the help of plenty water that you should drink with it. It then absorbs the water and other liquids resulting in it expanding in your stomach and making you feel full, eat less and stop excessive snacking. It is then passed through your intestines easily and whilst retaining extra oils, calories and cholesterol you consume from your food. The main benefits of Glucomannan are aiding weight loss, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and promoting gut and bowel health.

Weight Loss:

Glucomannan has been proven to contribute to weight loss and is often used to increase the feeling of satiety/fullness.  Soon after taking Glucomannan you will feel full, this in turn will make you eat less and because there is only around 6kcal in a daily serving of Glucomannan, you will ultimately lose weight. In addition, taking this ingredient with your meals will help to reduce the amount of calories and cholesterol that are actually absorbed by the body.

Cholesterol Levels:

Diets high in fibre have been linked to lower cholesterol levels, making Glucomannan a perfect addition to your diet if you are conscious of your cholesterol levels being high. Glucomannan will help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels by regulating blood lipid levels and keeping your LDL (bad cholesterol) under control.

Gut & Bowel Health:

Fibre is the key nutrient for healthy digestion. Glucomannan (Konjac) increases levels of healthy bacteria (such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) therefore improving gut and bowel health.


Glucomannan is predominantly a weight loss supplement and there are no direct benefits to sports performance per se. Weight loss for some however can be of huge benefit to their performance, especially to increase their power to weight ratio.


In order to obtain the claimed effect, at least 3g of Glucomannan should be consumed daily in three doses of at least 1g each, together with 1-2 glasses of water before meals; ideally this would be in conjunction with an energy-restricted diet.


This highly absorbent fibre comes from the root of the Konjac plant in Asia. If you are dieting/wanting to lose weight, then this clever dietary supplement will be very beneficial. In a nutshell, it will make you feel full, eat less, aid digestion and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


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