The benefits of using sports supplements for peak performance

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Using sports supplements to improve performance

Meeting your micronutrients and macronutrients

Sports supplements benefit performance, physique and well-being. Backed up by knowledge, you can achieve your fitness goals. But not everybody is aware of the benefits of using sports supplements. Even with a balanced diet you’re able to gain significant benefits.

Many people can become deficient in a number of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) without even knowing it unless they take an extremely close look at their diet. Micronutrients play an important role in cell health and function, therefore lacking in micronutrients can have a negative impact on you reaching your goals. Micronutrient deficiency can also occur in specific diets, either looking to gain or lose weight. Therefore supplementing with micronutrients can be seen as essential.

Macronutrient supplementation is another important consideration to make when analysing sports supplements. Those who are looking to achieve their goals need to carefully analyse their protein, carbohydrate and fat consumption. Sports supplements can allow you to easily consume the correct amounts of macronutrients in a number of different formats (fast and slow digesting).

Sports supplements for beginners in the gym and elite athletes

Sports supplements are effective for a wide range of people; athletes, fitness enthusiast, beginners and health conscious individuals. The benefits of using sports supplements do not stop at pushing the boundaries of elite performance, they can be used to kick start any health and fitness plan into action.

A beginner may not immediately be aware of the benefits of sports supplements. Someone who has just started a weightlifting programme to increase muscle mass, for example, may not be aware of the levels of protein they need to consume or the supplements available to maximise muscle gains. Sports supplements provide the convenience and benefits of protein shakes, carbohydrates, creatine, pre-workout etc.

Elite performers are fully aware of how essential supplements can be to their own performance, relying upon them to push themselves to the limit in training and competition. They also rely on them to provide fast and quality recovery from training and performance so they can continually push the limits of sport. Sports supplements represent a performance benefit that can be the difference between 1st and 2nd place. Without sports supplements, sport would not be able to continually push these boundaries, with athletes not being able to train as frequently or as intensely. Athletes and coaches are fully aware of this and carefully analyse nutrition and supplementation as part of their training programmes and cycles.

BULK POWDERS™ supplements used by James DeGale

James DeGale IBF Middleweight Champion


In recent years, awareness of supplementation has continued to grow. It is not an unfamiliar sight to see someone sipping from a shaker in the gym. BULK POWDERS™ aims to provide you with the best possible supplements – only the most effective, researched supplements are available at the lowest prices in the UK. No fillers or ingredient sprinkling are applied to attract you to buy a product that is not beneficial. We offer a range of products and supplements that are transparent with all ingredients and dosages listed.

BULK POWDERS™ sponsored athlete James DeGale uses BULK POWDERS™ supplements on a daily basis to drop weight for a fight and then rehydrate and fully recover for future sparing sessions. The way in which we’re transparent allows James to put his trust in the products because he knows exactly what he is consuming and how beneficial they will be to his performance.

BULK POWDERS™ supplements taken by James DeGale are; Complete Multivitamin Complex™, Pure Whey Protein™, Complete Protein Blend™, Complete Hydration Drink™, Super Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil, Colostrum and Complete Joint Restore™.

Whether you’re looking to push the limits of your own performance, kick start your training programme or push through a plateau, sports supplements are extremely beneficial. Sports supplements should strongly be considered by all to allow you to achieve your goals in health and performance. Careful consideration should be made to ingredients, dosages and research to back up the benefits of using that supplement, all of which are available to read for individual products at

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