Montmorency Tart Cherry Extract Aids Sleep

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It is well known that Tart Cherries help to promote recovery, as they contain an abundance of antioxidants which help to prevent muscle soreness and inflammation. However, Tart Cherries are also effective at helping to promote longer and more efficient sleep.

A recent study (Liu et al 2014) conducted at Louisiana State University demonstrated the effects of Tart Cherry on improving sleep time in insomniacs. The study discovered that drinking two glasses of Tart Cherry Juice a day increased sleep time by 90 minutes. The study also discovered that sleep was more efficient within the Tart Cherry group compared to placebo.

Tart Cherry is a rich source of Melatonin which is proven to help reduce the time taken to fall asleep and improved sleep quality by regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Tart Cherry has also been shown to increase Tryptophan which helps to increase Serotonin levels, aiding sleep. Tryptophan degradation is an indicator of insomnia; Tart Cherry helps to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down Tryptophan, helping to further promote sleep. In addition the red pigment within Tart Cherry, proanthocyanidins, have also been associated with improved sleep.

The enhanced sleep promoted by Tart Cherry can help to enhance the recovery benefits associated with Tart Cherry supplementation. Proper sleep is vital to recovery from exercise, it helps the body to utilise natural hormone levels, provides rest for the central nervous system, and allows the body to repair damaged muscle fibres.

If you’re looking for improved recovery and/or improved sleep, try our Montmorency Tart Cherry Extract.

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