Omega Oil Blend vs. Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Omega Oil Blend vs. Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend
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Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend has long been the choice supplement for a source of extra fats, omega 3, omega 6, omega 9; however we have also developed a high quality essential fatty acid product, Omega Oil Blend™, but in a form which is better value for money.

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend BULK POWDERS™ Omega Oil Blend™
Flax Seed Oil Flax Seed Oil
Sunflower Seed Oil Sunflower Oil
Sesame Seed Oil Hempseed Oil
Coconut Oil Evening Primrose Oil
Evening Primrose Oil Mixed Tocopherols (Tocopherols, Sunflower Oil)
Soya Lecithin
Rice Bran and Oat Bran Germ Oil

As you can see from the list of ingredients above, the products provide very similar ingredients, including rich sources of essential fatty acids. The sources of essential fatty acids are known to be rich sources of Omega 3, 6 and 9, making them a great addition to your diet.

Both products offer a valuable and convenient source of nutrition, which can easily be added to smoothies, protein shakes, salads, soups, vegetables, porridge etc. They are ideal products to use whether you are looking to increase muscle mass (providing increased calories from ideal sources) or looking to reduce body fat (ketosis, low carb diets).

The main difference between the two products is price; Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend 500ml has an RRP of £21.99, whereas BULK POWDERS™ Omega Oil Blend™ 500ml is only £14.99. As you can see, Omega Oil Blend offers exceptional value for money, whilst also providing impressive nutritional value.

If you currently use Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, why not make the switch, and try our Omega Oil Blend™ today!

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