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Your Protein Pancakes #BULKPANCAKEPORN

To hail the launch of Complete High Protein Pancakes™, get involved in our Protein Pancakes Gallery. We eat protein pancakes every day so why not celebrate with Pancake YEAR rather than just for one day!

To get your protein pancakes featured in our gallery, do one of the following listed below.

How to get your protein pancakes in our gallery

1. Click on our Woobox link and complete the details –
2. Use the hashtag #BULKPANCAKEPORN on Facebook with your protein pancake photo
3. Use the hashtag #BULKPANCAKEPORN on Twitter with your protein pancake photo
4. Use the hashtag #BULKPANCAKEPORN on Instagram with your protein pancake photo

You can see all the Pancake Porn submitted by our amazing customers by clicking on the ‘Vote’ button.

Get your mates to give your entry a LIKE. Every time you take a picture of your protein pancakes and put it on social media, give it a #bulkpancakeporn to go into the gallery.

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