The Body Power Experience

The Body Power Experience
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So that’s it folks, Body Power is done and dusted for another year!

In truth this was actually the first Body Power Expo I’ve ever attended. Having not been before I had certain expectations and preconceived ideas about what to expect.

Expectation and reality

My main concern about the Expo, which I’m sure puts a lot of people off initially, was how I didn’t expect to ‘fit in’. I’m generally very happy with the way I look but as is with modern media we can get a very distorted view of how we are expected to be. All the advertising and social media accounts promoting Body Power show us rippling abs, huge biceps, perfect squat bums and ridiculously low bodyfat levels.

Do we need to look this way to attend such an event? No, absolutely not! Body Power welcomes everyone. The thing we should all remember is that an event such as this represents ‘the path’ as much as it does the successes of those who have reached certain goals. Even if you are just starting your journey Body Power can help you in your first steps with inspiration, education and product.

For me personally a surprise came when I realised how ‘normal’ the stars of the fitness world appear in real life. Now don’t get me wrong I am in no way discrediting their achievements or taking away the fact they still look absolutely incredible but it does bring us closer to reality when we see these people in the flesh. I heard a lot of comments about the fitness stars along the lines of “he’s not that big” or “she’s not that slim”. While this could be disheartening for some, I feel we should actually take it as positive: The fact is we can achieve the goals we set ourselves, so long as those goals aren’t too influenced by the media. The pictures used in advertising have been taken by professional photographers, and enhanced in Photoshop, which can lead to us having unreal expectations. Seeing these people in real life can help you understand that you maybe aren’t as far from reaching your goals as you think.

The hard sell

The hard sell was something that didn’t surprise me about the Expo. Many a company shout loud to be heard and I often found myself needing to be a little forceful at times to simply look at a products labelling rather than be sold a box of “Amazing Ultimate Awesome Fantastic Pre-workout” for 2% off on a “BodyPower only deal”, #nothanks.

Would BULK POWDERS™ be giving the hard sell?…

BULK POWDERS™ at the Expo

Now I’ve been a fan of BULK POWDERS™ since the very early days! I’ve seen them grow, adapt and successfully take on the very best in the supplement industry. I watch them very closely when they tackle anything new and to no surprise Body Power was handled amazingly.

When first entering the door to the NEC I was bombarded with bright lights, huge colourful advertising signs and an overwhelming amount of noise from stands trying to make their mark. For me I found this didn’t pull me towards any of them, it was just a little too much to get my head around. Like a ray of sunshine through the clouds, there was the BULK POWDERS™ stand. Not shouting out their name loudly over speakers or throwing sparkly sample pouches at peoples heads but presenting themselves as the professional, ‘peoples’ company. Observing the team behind the counter and how they interacted with current and potential customers further backed up my views of how much this company believes in great customer service and providing excellent products.

As much as I would consider myself a loyal BULK POWDERS™ fan I still feel it’s important to try out other products. I can’t rave about one company if I have nothing to compare it with. A popular product pushed by many a company is the protein bar. Never have I eaten so many in the space of a day! Despite trying every product sample I could get my hands on I was always disappointed by at least one element. In the case of the protein bars it was most commonly taste but there is also a lot to be said for size, nutrient content and of course texture. At one point in the day I had tried just a small sample that left me wondering if I’d accidentally eaten some of the packaging instead of the bar itself. Peanut flavoured cardboard anyone? My conclusion from this is to stick solidly and firmly to BULK POWDERS™ High Protein Snack Bars.

Every type of product was on display and through every sample I tried, be it protein powder or pre-workout I found BULK POWDERS™ by far the best for taste and texture #actualtruth.

Needless to say, a big order was made following the show: High Protein Snack Bars – Strawberries and Cream, Aftermath™, Pure Whey Protein™ – Lemon Meringue and Elevate™ – Cherry Cola.

Will I go again?

Without a doubt! I really enjoyed my time at Body Power and took a lot from it. Not just knowledge, but inspiration too. I feel motivated to push myself further and to set tougher goals. I met up with so many fantastic people I had only before spoken with via social media and also made some great new friends. By joining in on Bulks’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, you too will get the opportunity to find new friends and be inspired between now and the next Expo.

Be sure to follow me on social media too! Together we can help #TeamBULK continue to grow and next year we’ll have an even bigger impact!

About the Author

Anthony is a husband, a father to three children and the director of his own company. He initially struggled to find the time to train around his hectic lifestyle but soon realised that with a bit of dedication and planning he was able to get into a training routine and achieve ‘The Shift’ – that pivotal moment that takes you from dragging yourself to pushing yourself towards your goals. Follow Anthony’s journey @ReachForAnt

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