Too Busy to Train?

Too Busy To Train?
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Finding Time to Train

Finding time to train can be a major stumbling block for a lot of people. We work long hours; we have families to look after; there aren’t enough hours in the day, right?

Anthony; a husband, a father to three children and Director

We recently spoke to Anthony; a husband, a father to three children and the director of his own company. He initially struggled to find the time to train around his hectic lifestyle but soon realised that with a bit of dedication and planning he was able to get into a training routine and achieve ‘The Shift’ – that pivotal moment that takes you from dragging yourself to pushing yourself towards your goals.

Anthony’s Story:

I’ve said these words before. Wife, three kids, director of a company. I found it hard to find the time to train. I had goals, the knowledge and previous experience of routines but commitments had got the better of any free time I had to make it to the doors of my local gym. Or so I told myself…

I had to reassess. I decided that my goals of a better body and a healthier lifestyle were important. I committed to a fresh start and took a membership at a new gym. Now, as much as I was excited about my new outlook, the energy I needed for that first session I likened to getting out of bed in the morning when the Monday morning alarm goes off. I struggled to find the motivation. It took some force and serious inner strength but I made it to the gym, got through my routine and felt that rush of endorphins and sense accomplishment I had once felt before.

A few sessions in and it’s starting to get easier, an excitement starts to kick in before a workout rather than dread. I can now whack that alarm clock and spring from the bed knowing I’m about to make a difference to my body. This is what I call ‘The Shift’, that pivotal moment that takes a person from dragging themselves to pushing themselves.

This is where I found the key and where I started to find the time to train even if it was only a brief 15 minute run between all the responsibilities I have during the day. Nothing was going to get in the way of my goals now.

If you can get yourself to this shift I can assure you you will find the time to train. Training will turn from a chore into the best part of your day. No longer will you get home and crash on the sofa, you’ll head straight for your gym gear and straight back out (maybe after dinner with the family of course).

When to train?

Luckily there are no bad times of the day to train. You may have read about the benefits of training morning, noon or night but essentially they all have their benefits and you need to find what works best within your schedule.

I’m lucky enough to find the odd lunch break I can squeeze in a 30-45 minute session but otherwise you’ll find me training around 7.30 – 8.30 in the evening, 3 – 4 days a week.

Before the kids I was training before work which I found was an incredible way to set myself up for the day. To make the morning time scale even more efficient I would pack my gym bag the night before and pre scoop my pre-workout and BCAAs into a glass ready for a quick splash of water before running out of the door.

My tips


Set your goals to drive you forward

Set short term goals for how often you’d like to train in your current routine. Set long term goals for what you’d like to achieve overall, be it a better physique or greater lifting stats.

Schedule it in

Schedule your training time. “Maybe tonight” is much less likely to happen than if you plan it into your calendar.

View your training as an investment

Your health, mind and body is benefiting from every step you take. You are working towards your goals and making a difference for yourself.

Partner up

Letting down a friend you planned to meet for a session? Tut tut!

Make it count

Not every training session has to be a long one. Getting out and taking that 15 minute blast around the block is going to do your mind and body wonders.

Supplements for a busy schedule

Certain supplements can help to free up your time immensely. For a super speedy breakfast I use either Complete Breakfast Smoothie™ or Complete Protein Porridge™. Complete Lean Mass™ is my preferred supplement of choice for general recovery as it contains everything I need – protein, slow-release carbs and aminos. Complete Protein Coffee™ is also a saviour on those mornings or afternoons when you need a bit of a pick-up!

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