[Video] Vegan Unboxing & New Vegan Bar Review

Vegan Unboxing
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If you’re an existing customer, you’ll already know that we have an extensive range of supplements and Active Foods™ – but if you’re new to the BULK POWDERS® tribe, worry not, it’s something you will quickly come to realise, too.

It isn’t simply our range of products that sets us apart though; it’s also our new product development roadmap, and ambitions to cater to the growing demands of the active and health-conscious, as well as those with specific lifestyle and dietary requirements, such as vegans.

An expansive selection of vegan supplement and foods.

We’re proud to offer an expansive range of vegan supplements and vegan-friendly foods, from individual protein powders, like Brown Rice Protein and Hemp Protein, to blends such as Complete Vegan Blend™, and healthy foods including Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Chia Seeds, Green Powders and Nut Butters, to name a few.

Watch this vegan unboxing video.

Darren and Georgie, of Vegan Fitness, were kind enough to unbox their recent BULK POWDERS® order. As you’ll notice, it’s a sizeable delivery! It’s also a great introduction to some of the supplements and foods that Darren and Georgie regularly use as a family, with an explanation why they use them.

They also happen to be the first recipients of our NEW ACTIVE FOODS™ VEGAN PROTEIN BARS. Tune into the video to watch their exclusive review!

Put a brew on, sit back, relax and enjoy the video!

Here is the full list of products from the video:

Introducing the new Active Foods™ Vegan Protein Bar.

This is a product that has been in development for a while and we’re really excited to finally launch with a Chocolate Coconut flavoured bar that we believe offers vegans a tasty, high protein snack, without sacrificing on quality.

Active Foods™ Vegan Protein Bars are registered with the Vegan Society; this provides reassurance of the vegan status of each and every ingredient. They are also Gluten Free and Dairy Free, making them suitable for a wide range of people. With an impressive 21g of protein per bar, they provide a significantly higher protein content than most competitor products too! And did we mention the size? At 74g per bar, they’ll fill you up a treat!

Vegan Bar Wrapper

What’s inside?

Pea Protein Isolate and Rice Protein Concentrate: Providing high protein content, both Pea and Rice proteins are popular in the vegan and vegetarian community.

Coconut Oil: A rich source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s), coconut oil has been a popular choice of fats throughout the health and fitness industry.

Grated Coconut: The inclusion of Grated Coconut helps to give the Vegan Protein Bar an extra bit of texture, as well as an authentic Coconut flavour in combination with the Chocolate Coating.

Stevia: Active Foods™ Vegan Protein Bars contain no artificial sweeteners, only the natural sweetener, Stevia. This helps to boost the sweet flavour in the product, whilst also retaining the natural features of the product.

Watch the video to see what Darren and Georgie say about the new bars:

“Mmmm, it tastes like a bounty bar truffle. I love that flavour!”

Darren and Georgie already have plans to add the bars to their breakfast in the morning, as well as sprinkling them on their homemade tofu ice cream! So not only do the bars taste great, they are really versatile too! Make sure you add some to your basket today…

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