Chocolate Orange Protein Worms

Chocolate Orange Protein Worms


A really simple and a-little-bit-messy Chocolate Orange Protein Worms recipe! Quite possibly the best Halloween delight we’ve seen so far, and it’s edible!


1.) In a pan heat up your unsweetened almond milk until hot but not boiling, then start whisking in your gelatin and keep whisking until it has all dissolved (this may take a while).

2.) Then pour into a measuring jug and whisk in your two scoops of PURE WHEY PROTEIN™, put aside to prepare your straws.

3.) Bunch up your straws and fit them into a medium tall glass, making sure they fit tightly, secure them even tighter by wrapping the rubber band around them.

4.) Pour your gelatin mix into the straws (this part got a little messy) until they fill up. Don’t worry about a little excess mix rising up in the glass, this is fine and does not mean your recipe is failing (like I initially thought). Place your crazy looking mess in the fridge for a couple of hours or until your mix has solidified enough to squeeze out.

5.) Then, for the last part, get ready to workout your fingers and start squeezing your ‘worms’ out from the straws into a bowl. (Add eyeballs and spiders for gruesome effect!)

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