Double Chocolate Casein Protein Pancakes

Double Chocolate Casein Protein Pancakes
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An incredible chocolate protein pancake stack with a double chocolate kicker and slow release casein protein – keeping you stronger for longer! Tuck in!



1.) Heat a small frying pan on low with a small amount of coconut oil. Wipe excess off with kitchen paper.

2.) Mix all ingredients apart from dark chocolate and greek yoghurt and chocolate sauce.

3.) As the pancake mix comes together, loosen of the mixture if needed with small amounts of water. All depends on how much the casein takes. You should be looking at a thick but easily spoon dripping consistency.

4.) Dollop two dessert spoons into the centre of the pan mixture – will naturally spread.

5.) Cook all the mixture – this will usually make four good sized pancakes to stack.

6.) Melt dark chocolate slightly in the microwave and add to the top, spoon over greek yoghurt and lashings of chocolate sauce.


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568 Kcals

58g Protein

39g Carbs

20g Fat


Author: Chef Peter


40g Micellar Casein (chocolate)

30 g Ground oats powder

15g Organic coconut flour

One teaspoon Bicarbonate of soda

250ml Unsweetened Almond Milk

0% fat greek yoghurt

25g 85% dark chocolate

Walden farms chocolate sauce