The 7 Best Macro-Friendly Workout Snacks

Snacks to support your training

Snacks to Support Your Training

If you train regularly you are probably aware that if your diet is not positively supporting your training you will find it more difficult to achieve your goals.

One of the problems with sticking to a diet is time. Meal prep is a time consuming process and it can be easy to fall off track when it come to eating healthily and consuming the right nutrients to support your training.

This is where BULK POWDERS® snacks can be a great addition to your diet, to help you meet your macronutrient goals and prevent turning to unhealthy snack options to fill you up and satisfy cravings.

Snacks to Help You Meet Your Macros

If you are weight training regularly, it is very important to make sure you are fuelling your body with the right nutrients to give yourself the energy for an effective workout and to help your body recover. Your diet should always be based around main meals, but there is certainly a place for supplements and snacks to help you meet your dietary goals. Below are some perfect after gym snacks to help you meet your macros and support your training. They are also a great alternative to unhealthy options!

High Protein Snack Bars – with an incredible 27g of protein per 85g bar these protein bars are the perfect snack if you are aiming to build muscle mass. These bars also pack in 24g of carbs, 15g of fibre and just 6.1g of fat, to support your training.

High Protein Flapjacks – each flapjack contains 21g of protein to support muscle growth and repair. These bars are packed with oats, one of the healthiest carbohydrates you can eat. Each bar contains almost 40g of carbs, which are great for providing long lasting energy. This snack is ideal to have between meals to keep you feeling full.

Nuts & Seeds – they are naturally high in protein, dietary fibre, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Nut Butters – have grown in popularity as awareness grows about the health benefits related to adding nut butter to your diet. They are high in protein, as well as being packed with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. There are a number of nut butters to choose from including Nuts about Whey™ for an even greater protein content.

Vegan Protein Bars – contain 21g of protein from pea and brown rice protein, as well as over 17g of carbs and 11g of fibre. This bar is a fantastic snack for anyone sticking to a vegan diet.

Chocolate Protein Snacks

All the snacks discussed above are great for helping you stick to your macros on a daily basis, but you do not have to continuously follow a strict diet plan. Following a diet plan is much harder if you choose to completely omit snacks and treats all together. It can actually be a good thing to allow yourself the occasional treat.

For example, Chocolate Whey Balls™ and Chocolate Protein Bites™ are especially good for when you have those chocolate cravings!

Chocolate Whey Balls™ are coated in delicious premium chocolate and you can choose between milk, dark and white chocolate! There is an impressive 10g of protein per 50g serving, so you can enjoy a tasty treat, as well as providing your body with a great source of protein to help muscle growth and repair. A 50g serving of Chocolate Protein Bites™ are packed with 15g of protein and 15g of carbs to keep you feeling full until your next main meal.

The Benefits of Snacking

Snacks can certainly help you meet your macros on a daily basis and stop you from turning to unhealthy snacks to satisfy your cravings. Why not try adding some of the BULK POWDERS® protein snacks mentioned above to your next order and see how you can incorporate them in your diet.

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