Low Carb Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

Low Carb Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe
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Some say she was cryogenically frozen back in the 50s to preserve her brilliant mind, and was defrosted as recently as 2010 to breathe new life into the struggling start-up, Instagram. Others believe she once bathed in the elixir of life and has lived for many lifetimes, perfecting her macros in each century that passes…

All we know is she is called The Muscle Baker, and she makes exceedingly good recipes. Try this Low Carb Peanut Butter Fudge recipe for a tasty high protein treat, with less than 100 calories per piece.


1.) Mix water with VitaFiber™ and syrup and heat in microwave (approx 30 secs) or in a pan until powder fully dissolved. Proceed to add coconut oil and heat up again (another 30 secs if in microwave) or until melted if in pan.

2.) Fold in the Peanut Butter followed by the Whey Protein and mix thoroughly.

3.) Pour into a loaf silicone mold OR into mold of choice. (We used a loaf one)

4.) Place in freezer for an hour.

5.) Then, remove and slice up as you please.

We yielded 24 pieces/ cubes.

If you want to get creative add dried fruit, chocolate chips or nuts/seeds, you can get as crazy as you want so long as you keep the basic recipe, you can even try it with your preferred nut butter… we are thinking almond butter will be best!

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MACROS: (per piece)

Calories – 95

Protein – 5.3g

Carbs – 2.4g

Fats – 7.6g

Author: The Muscle Bakery


275g Peanut Butter

2 Tbsp Water

1 Scoop Vitafiber™ Powder

50g Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp Sweet Freedom Syrup (or agave/ honey)

2 Scoops Pure Whey Protein™ (Vanilla)