Dairy Free Toad in the Hole

Dairy Free Toad in the Hole

Toad in the hole is a popular dish. Here is a dairy (and meat) free alternative, using some of our organic virgin coconut oil and liquid egg whites. Nice and easy to make, perfect for a romantic Valentine’s meal at home, watching re-runs of Arnie and Stallone movies…(perfect cinematic fodder to get you in the mood for love).


1.) On low- medium heat, bake your meat-free sausages until they have reached a semi baked consistency. Remove from oven and increase the temp of oven to approx. 220 degrees, you will need it very hot.

2.) Prepare a large foil tin or metal pan, (silicone mould’s will not work for this as they do not get as hot) and put your coconut oil in it, no need to be melted beforehand, then place in oven to heat up.

3.) Meanwhile, whisk up the rest of your ingredients in a measuring jug (easier to pour afterwards), mixing wet ingredients first and folding in the flour last.

4.) When your tin/pan is scorching hot, pour your ‘yorkshire pud’ mix and place the sausages in the middle.

5.) Leave to bake for approx. 10 minutes, or until you see the dough rise a little and become golden.

*You could also use normal sausages for this, or to make it Gluten-Free, use Gluten-Free sausage options. Would recommend half baking them first.

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