Holiday Hacks to Stay In Shape

Holiday Hacks
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For a lot of people, holiday is a time to relax, and that normally means eating what you want, drinking what you want, and doing what you want. Exercise isn’t normally on that list.

In doing so, when you get back from holiday after a week (or longer) of over-indulgence and inactivity, it’s fairly common to have put on a few pounds…

But there are ways to stay trim while you’re on holiday, making the return to reality a little bit less painful.

Here are just a few ideas:

Train early in the day.

Have a quick workout before breakfast or within a few hours thereafter. Why? Firstly, it will kick start your metabolism and get you energised early in the day. And secondly, the longer you wait to train, the more likely you are to drink…or get distracted by food.

Have a quick routine.

Devise a quick-fire routine that you can complete as soon as you roll out of bed. 3 rounds of the following: push-ups, air squats, mountain climbers, plank hold, burpees. When you’re done, jump straight in the shower and away you go. Begin the day like a champion!

Balance your meals.

Eating on holiday shouldn’t be hugely different to eating at home. It shouldn’t turn into a free-for-all simply because the opportunity is there. Balance your meals around your activity levels: try to consume some protein with every meal, with the majority of carbohydrates coming after you train or ahead of a busy day.

Drink plenty of water.

Make sure you drink plenty of water. With food and alcohol at every turn, it can be easy to get carried away. But quite often thirst is confused for hunger. Regularly having a glass or bottle of water can help to reduce these phantom cravings.

Take the stairs.

It’s amazing how you can forget how to use your legs when you go on holiday. If you want to burn a few extra calories to compensate for the extra calories you’re consuming throughout the day, don’t be lazy! Take the stairs. Better still, incorporate the stairs into a spicy little workout.

Be smarter with liquid calories.

Be clever with liquid calories. Let’s face it, the majority of holiday timber accumulates as a result of liquid intake, whether that’s alcohol, fizzy drinks or fruit juices. Pick your poison wisely. Although cocktails are small in size, they are full of sugar – making them pretty calorific. You’d be safer with a small glass of wine, a light beer or even a glass of champagne.

Approximate calorie values

Champagne > 85 calories

Single Spirits > 95 calories

Light Beer > 105 calories

White Wine > 120 calories

Red Wine > 125 calories

Beer > 150 calories

Cocktails > 125 – 500 calories

Pack a rope.

Pack a few bits of kit to take with you. You don’t want anything bulky, you need to transport it in your suitcase or hand luggage. A skipping rope is ideal. It’s one of the best cardio workouts going – something that you can do in 20 minutes or less.

Take some snack bars.

Pack a few High Protein Snack Bars. Whether you’re on the plane, out and about, or ransacking the mini bar for scraps after a night on the tiles, having some protein snacks to hand can be an absolute life-saver. The combination of protein, carbs and fibre will fill you up in no time.

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