Do You Need A Specific Intra-Workout Drink?

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What’s in your drinks bottle during your workout? And does it really matter?

Endurance athletes need to pay attention to intra-workout nutrition. But what about us? Do we need a specific drink for our lifting sessions?

Like most sports-supplement topics, it’s a case of “you don’t need it, but it could help…”

You could go through a lifetime of lifting with just water in your drinks bottle. You’d make gains, increase strength, and maybe even build an impressive looking physique. But would you optimise all those hours you spend in the gym? Probably not.

And sports supplement research has come so far in recent years. So there’s no need to be stuck in the old days (unless you want to be!)

What To Look For In An Intra-Workout Drink

An intra workout is something you take within or during your workout. A good intra workout should help power you through the session, giving you physical and mental energy. But it should also take care of your hydration and electrolyte levels, and get you on the road to muscle recovery. Water will keep you hydrated, but that’s about all it does!

  • Energy (Vitargo® is a great choice of carbohydrate for sports, because it’s absorbed quickly and is sugar free).
  • Boosts focus and reduces tiredness (Vitamin B5 supports normal mental performance and can help reduce fatigue – and it’s water soluble).
  • Hydration and electrolytes (look for an optimal blend of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium).
  • Ingredients to reduce fatigue.
  • Protein for muscle recovery (we’re proud of the fact that ENDURE™ has 6g PeptoPro® – a hydrolysed casein with over 85% protein).
  • Aminos for protein synthesis (look for optimal levels – we bump up the leucine ratio in ENDURE™, so you get a 4:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine in each 4g BCAA serving).


It’s a good idea to have an intra-workout which is low in fat (as fat slows the absorption of other nutrients). Depending on your diet, you might also want an intra-workout which is low in sugars.

Using an intra-workout is about more than staying hydrated and getting an energy boost. Choose a smart intra-workout and you can actually boost your body’s potential to perform, grow, and recover.

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