Protein Fabs Recipe (Sugar-Free)

Protein Fabs Recipe

Some people believe that she hatched from a golden egg. Others believe she simply walked out of the ocean one day and headed straight for the kitchen, with one very simple objective: to create the greatest recipes in all the land. Fast forward several years and Elke has perfected her craft.

Here she recreates one of the wonders of the 80’s/90’s with a Protein Fabs Recipe – sugar free too! Give it a try yourself with the help of some key ingredients including Pure Whey Protein™ and Chia Seeds!

She’s not a mermaid, is she?!


1.) Distribute greek yoghurt evenly across 3 bowls.

2.) Add 1/3 scoop casein to each and mix well, then move one aside. This will be your 1st layer, now you need to make the pink layers.

3.) Grab your remaining two bowls and add 1 Tbsp whey and 2 drops liquiflav to one and mix well, this is your slightly pink layer. Then, add the rest of the whey, liquiflav and colouring to the other, this is your pink layer.

4.) Grab you ice-lolly mold and with a teaspoon, start by scooping in the vanilla layer, followed by the slightly pink layer and finished with your very pink layer. This will make 3 pieces.

5.) If you want to do this without mess, use piping bags to pour in.

6.) Then pop in freezer until solidified. Once frozen, melt chocolate (in microwave or pan whichever you prefer) and pour over frozen ice pops, then finish with a sprinkle of chia seeds and DONE. Delicious ‘fab’ re-creations!

Tip: Don’t fancy dark chocolate? Try with white chocolate instead! Note: We used generic supermarket Greek Yoghurt, which tends to be more liquid-like than Fage yoghurts.

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