Quick and Easy High Protein Breakfast Options

Quick & Easy Breakfast Options
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Are your mornings a hectic schedule of training, sorting the kids (or yourself), and getting to work on time? Don’t let breakfast suffer. Here are some tasty, quick and easy high protein breakfast options.

Liquid Egg Whites

What could be more convenient than low-calorie, high-protein egg whites in a bottle? We’ve done all the hard work for you so you don’t need to waste time or create a mess. You can cook up an omelette or egg-white crepe in less than 5 minutes using liquid egg whites. If you’re pushed for time (or macros), have an egg white and veggie omelette. If you’ve got a little more wiggle room, there are loads of options: from protein French toast to protein pancakes!

Make a Smoothie

If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, make yourself a healthy smoothie which you can take with you and drink on the go (or at your desk). We’d suggest a combination of ultra-fine Scottish oats, whey protein and flaxseed powder for a balanced approach to slow-release carbs, protein and healthy fats. You could even add a serving of Complete Greens to boost your micronutrient intake all before 9am!

Complete Breakfast Smoothie™

If a smoothie sounds like too much effort (and washing up) first thing in the morning, don’t worry – we’ve done the leg work for you with our Complete Breakfast Smoothie™. It’s a combination of whey protein, ultra-fine Scottish oats, psyllium husk powder, our popular fruit powders, real fruit pieces, and DigeZyme® digestive aid. It’s more than just a jazzed-up whey shake. It really is like a smoothie from a cafe, but a lot healthier of course, and much higher in protein. It mixes up amazingly thick and delivers over 23g protein along with just enough carbohydrate and fibre.

Complete Protein Porridge™

In the mornings, there’s nothing nicer than a bowl of steamy, creamy oats. But who has time to stand over a pan whilst the kids are getting ready for school? Life got easier when we created Complete Protein Porridge™! Just add boiling water to this tasty combination of real porridge oats and hydrolysed whey protein isolate (which is heat-stable), mix, and eat. You could even take it with you if you’re pushed for time – either reheat at work, or let the oats soak up the water and enjoy as a thick, cooled oat breakfast. The benefit of using Complete Protein Porridge™ over making your own “proats” is speed and convenience, and the benefits to using it over store-bought quick cook porridge oats is the nutritionals (more protein, less sugar, less salt). Complete Protein Porridge™ really is tasty – your only problem will be choosing a favourite flavour between chocolate raspberry and butterscotch.

Complete High Protein Pancakes™

Pancakes in the morning; pancakes at night. There is never a bad time to eat Complete High Protein Pancakes™, especially when they deliver a whopping 36g protein per serving, courtesy of a fast & slow multi-release protein blend! Pop some coconut oil in the pan, cook on a medium-to-high heat for 1-2 minutes each side and you’re done! Accessorise with some of our fantastic nut butters if you want a few more fats and calories to power you through the day.

Never skip breakfast again – set yourself up for the day and still have enough energy to train hard when gym time rolls around!

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