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Anna Woolhouse

TV Presenter & Fitness Fan


I have always taken my training and nutrition seriously. With that in mind, it’s great to have linked up with a brand like BULK POWDERS® whose ethos is in line with mine, and with such a variety of products to choose from, all bases are covered to support my health and fitness needs. I'm really excited about the collaboration.

Date of Birth 19th January, 1984
Height 5'7
Weight 57.5kg
Favourite Product Pure Whey Protein™

Anna Woolhouse is a TV Presenter, currently fronting Sky Sports Boxing coverage. Anna played sport and danced from an early age up until her mid 20’s, and that was the catalyst for her passion for fitness.

This year Anna is hoping to get back into dancing, to continue developing her boxing skills in training, and push on in her career. Partnering with BULK POWDERS® felt like a natural fit, and she's excited about using our supplements to support her active lifestyle.

Anna’s Nutrition

Anna trains on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, generally focusing on strength workouts. Between these days Anna might include HIIT and boxing specific training too, depending on her levels of recovery. In order to support the volume of training she undertakes, Anna will use Pure Whey Protein™, often post-workout, in addition to Complete Intra Workout™ and high protein snacks like Chocolate Whey Balls™...just because they taste great.


This protein shake mixes really well and is super versatile. I can mix it into my morning porridge, have it post workout, or as a little treat with yogurt and oats.

Pure Whey Protein™ - Vanilla Flavour

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When you are on air it's always handy to have snacks to keep me going (and the rest of the team) so these are a perfect high protein snack, on the go.

Chocolate Whey Balls™

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It tastes amazing and I know it's supporting me through my hard training sessions. All the flavours are great but my favourite would have to be Lemon & Lime.

Complete Intra-Workout™

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