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Dried Fruits

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Dried Fruits make a tasty, yet healthy snack. Dried Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – making them a great addition to any diet, and with a longer shelf-life than fresh fruit. Choose from a wide selection of Dried Fruits below – all at unbelievably low prices.
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Dried Fruits FAQS

Dried fruits are basically any kind of fruit or berry which has been treated to remove any water or moisture content, leaving just the concentrated solid matter and nutrients intact. Dried fruits are some of the most popular snacking foods around today, and can be found in a range of common foods like cereals.

Dried fruits are typically prepared in such a way that they retain all of the fruit’s original nutritional content, but remove all of the moisture and water content. As a result, they have a longer shelf life than regular fruit, which goes off quickly, creating a convenient, nutritional snack.

Dried fruits are the same as regular fruit, just with the moisture and water content removed, so they’re as healthy as regular fruit. This also means they retain any other nutritional content, such as sugars or fats, so you should still consume them in moderation if you’re concerned about consuming too many carbs or fats.

Dried fruits are intended for a wide range of culinary uses, including mixed into baking or breakfast recipes, or as a casual snack between meals. So, basically, you can consume dried fruits whenever, wherever and however you like, so long as it fits with your dietary requirements.

Dried fruits are typically prepared by picking regular fruit, and then treating them to a drying process as quickly as possible, to retain the fruit’s essential organic nutrients. The most common drying process used is freeze drying. Without getting too technical, this basically involves freezing the fruit, and then removing it from the fruit using a secondary process. The benefit of this is that it retains the fruit’s original nutritional content, unlike heat drying processes.

Nowadays you can find dried varieties of all kinds of fruit. The dried fruits that bulk® sells are those best suited to fitness and training dietary requirements, such as dried berries which can add a little flavour to breakfast porridge or cereal, as well as dried fruit and nut mixes to be snacked on between meals.

Because they’re just regular fruit with the water content removed, most dried fruits taste similar to their original fruit, but with a more concentrated taste. Because they’re dried, they tend to have a higher concentration of sugar than their original form, so they might taste a bit sweeter, also.

One of the biggest benefits of dried fruit is that they have a much longer shelf life than their regular counterparts. Fresh fruit usually has a shelf life of a few days; dried fruit, on the other hand, can last up to 12 months past its production date. Check the individual labels of your dried fruit for more specific Best Before information.

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