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Fitness and nutrition are never-ending processes of transformation and change. We feel the same way about the products we sell and how they’re made.

Our Commitment

As a global community, the health of our planet is one of the biggest challenges we face today. That's why Bulk™ is committed to being an industry-leader in sustainable practices, raising standards and delivering the highest quality products with the lowest environmental impact.


Sea of Trouble

Plastic pollution has become one of the most critical environmental issues we face today, and is something we feel very strongly about. With an estimated 150 million tonnes of plastic causing havoc in the world’s oceans and millions of tonnes more in landfills across the world, it’s more important than ever to make a change, so we did.

Over 90% of our single-use packaging has already transitioned to sustainable alternatives.

Making It Happen

At Bulk™, we've made significant progress, transitioning over 90% of our packaging materials to sustainable alternatives. We are leading the way in our industry and working towards our goal of being 100% sustainable in all of our packaging in the near future.

Removal of all single-use plastic from our packaging
Use of home-compostable materials
Use of highly recyclable materials
12 million pieces of single-use plastic removed from our packaging through 2021.

How It’s Going

In 2021 alone, we're removing 12 million pieces of single-use plastic from our packaging. Here’s how:


Our pouches are now made from 100% home-compostable and biodegradable materials


Our pill pots are now made from highly recyclable, European-sourced aluminium


The cardboard in all of our shipping boxes comes from sustainably managed forests

Our 2021 target is to be over 95% sustainable in all of our single-use packaging, and that's just the beginning, because as we say, change is never ending.

Going Green

Check out the full Bulk™ product range to discover eco-conscious products that support your health – and the health of our planet.


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