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Rebecca Campsall

International Level 100m Sprinter


I'm extremely grateful to have the support of BULK POWDERS® as my official sports nutrition partner. The team have supported me since day one and continue to help me work towards my goals. The athletes at BULK POWDERS® are incredible and inspiring, and I'm so happy to be representing such an amazing brand alongside them.

Date of Birth 2nd October, 1990
Height 5'7.5
Weight 64kg
Favourite Product AFTERMATH®

By day Rebecca is a lawyer and by night she is an Internal Level track athlete, competing as a 100m sprinter. Rebecca trains 6 times a week, with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Rebecca Campsall's Nutrition

As an athlete who trains frequently and explosively, Rebecca uses a mix of supplements to ensure she recovers quickly between sessions, and is a regular user of our pre-workout, ELEVATE™, ahead of any track or gym work. Due to Rebecca's rate of training output, carbohydrates and protein are both vital for her recovery. As such, AFTERMATH® and our Complete Energy Gels™ are both staples of her regular supplementation.


This really is the perfect all in one recovery supplement. It has a great combination of protein and carbs, plus other top quality ingredients. My favourite flavour is Strawberries & Cream!

AFTERMATH™ Strawberries & Cream Double Chocolate 2.1kg

AFTERMATH™ Strawberries & Cream Double Chocolate 2.1kg

£45.99 SHOP NOW

I use these on my longer sessions and find them particularly useful during a Sunday double session (track session followed by weights). They re-fuel me in between workouts to ensure I get the best out of my session. Both flavours are fab.

Complete Energy Gels™

Complete Energy Gels™

£19.99 SHOP NOW

I am biased but this is the best pre-workout on the market. Cherry Cola and Summer Berry flavours are both amazing, please don’t make me choose! After a long day at work ELEVATE™ pre-workout comes to save the day, and my evening training session!



£34.99 SHOP NOW

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